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My Rise of the Guardians character, Samhain Hallows Eve. I didn’t recreate the poster completely but I got as close as I could to the originals done by everydonuthasasoul here on tumblr. I was so excited they gave me permission to do so! =^-^= I hope to create one soon for Pied Piper and for Pandora as well.

Rise of the Guardians (c) Dreamworks

Samhain Hallows Eve (c) Magick Dream Creations


So I’ve been working a lot on some art! Been having fun and working hard! Just seeing my old art and looking to my new art now I’ve come quite a long way from when I’ve started drawing. I’ll hopefully post up one of my oldies and show you how much of a difference I’ve made. :3~ Until then, please enjoy one of my latest submissions!! This is Rhiannon Kincade of Gothic Embrace being swept away by Captain-Savvy’s (DA) Erias the Dragon King! :D

Rhiannon and Erias

Manga projects…

Azazel and Aiyuki from Aska LunisI have many that I’m going to be busting my tail on. I’m still working on Silent Dreams… have just a few more pages to finish that I have scanned…. then I’ll have to do the grunt work of scanning in the rest of it all and getting them done as well. Bah! I’ve also got my work cut out for me working on Aska Lunis and Gothic Embrace. Woo!! My time is going to get eaten up so much.

I’m still doing commissions too, those aren’t getting put to the side either. I’m wanting to keep this all going, my passion has yet to die!

Back to work….

Got a commission in and man does it feel good to get some more work done! I’ve got 2 manga projects one for myself and one I’m being paid to work on that I’ve got a little done but not enough. So much to do so little time! Any who here is the work I’ve got so far on the paid commission from Sydney,Australia! :D

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